Eco friendly cleaning products and janitorial supplies – Why one should use them for cleaning

Need of commercial cleaning products and janitorial supplies in large would always be required because there are more than 5 million janitors who are working in the big janitorial industry. However, the numbers of hazards should also be considered which were caused because of using harmful janitorial products full of chemicals and other toxic materials. Seeing this and considering the hazards, various governments have made a law of using eco friendly and green janitorial products because it will keep both janitors and environment free of danger. In addition to this, various certification organizations have also been introduced which will mark the safety of green cleaning products for janitorial use before they are launched in the market.

Why green and eco friendly janitorial products should be taken into use

Listed below are some of the reasons for using eco friendly janitorial products:

Profitable for business: When an organization starts using eco friendly janitorial products into use along with LEED certification, they can utilize the same for business development by highlighting the factor that they are working towards being environmental friendly. In addition to this, promotion activities surrounding the sustainability initiatives can also be taken for business.

Health Improvement: When green products for janitorial use are practiced, health of the people involved in the cleaning process along with building occupants is never at sake.

Safe working culture: When green janitorial products are used, there is awareness towards a safe working culture in the organization along with strategized cleaning methods.

Increase in productivity: Various reports have showed that janitors fall sick because of over exposure to toxic products. With green and eco friendly products taken into use, there will be less such cases and productivity would increase automatically.

Efficiency in cleaning: With good quality and eco friendly janitor products will be taken into use, the efficiency in cleaning would also increase. Better cleaning practices will be implemented which will result in a clean working environment.

Protection of assets: With use of eco friendly and green janitorial product, the assets of a person would be safe. As use of harmful chemicals would be reduced and avoided, wear and tear down of the products can be avoided with the same. Proper protection to the property will be an added advantage when green janitorial products will be utilized.

Money control: As little amount of green janitorial cleaning agents is required for  satisfying the purpose, extensive use of the same can be avoided which was not possible when traditional cleaning agents were taken into use. Use of green cleaning agents reduces the consumption level as well.

Sustainable and Environmental initiatives: By using green janitorial products into use, one can leave a green footprint on the environment, which in result will give better results in the future and will create a healthy atmosphere that would be free from chemicals and toxicity.

Points to look into when purchasing eco friendly janitorial products

While one is planning to purchase green and eco friendly janitorial products there are few points that should be taken into consideration before making the final step:

  • One should check if the products that are being used do not have any form of volatile component, which are usually found in housekeeping products.
  • The products should only be made of ingredients, which are bio based.
  • The cleaning agents should be in concentrated form
  • It should be free from any form of fragrance
  • One should always check if it could be mixed well even with cold water, which will eventually result in reduced electricity cost.
  • The products should be biodegradable.
  • Aquatic toxicity level should be less or nil
  • Energy of life cycle should be low
  • It should not be harmful even when a person comes in direct contact with the same

Look for these products online

If in a state of confusion, you can search for these products along with home cleaning products online. Reason behind this is that you can easily attain information about the same and even get good deals on the different eco friendly janitorial products along with other products for cleaning.

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